What to Expect

Why use a coach?

First, a coach is not a therapist or counselor. A coach asks powerful questions that brings clarity on what is right for YOUR life. Coaches are non-judgmental, unbiased and brings an objective set of eyes to your life. Coaches are also your biggest cheerleader. Coaches create a safe environment for you to explore your goals, strengths and weaknesses. Coaches help you reach your full potential.

Coaching is a powerful resource that helps you transform from where you are to where you want to be. One major benefit of using a coach is the speed of that transformation is accelerated. Engaging a coach motivates and inspires you.

Everyone can benefit from a coach, but not everyone is ready. My best clients are already experiencing some success in their life and want to be more successful in their whole life. They are ready to own their life and transform it to what they want it to be.

My Areas of Specialization

My clients tend to be professional people who are tired of the being stuck in some area of their life. Most want to accelerate achieving their goals, set new goals and improve their quality of life.

Understanding Your Vision

It is difficult to achieve your goals if you don’t have a vision of what that achievement looks like. So, I work with my clients to document their vision of their ideal life after they achieved their goals. This vision allows them to see the realization of their goals through the use vivid imagery in the vision statement.

Work/Life Balance

Most clients are seeking work/life balance. For each client, that means something different. I coach my clients to prioritize their actions so that they achieve the balance they are looking for. I also coach my clients on the benefits of meditation to gain clarity so they can be in the moment wherever they are at. This increases the quality of their life and the time spent working and with their loved ones.

Time Management

I coach my clients to better utilize their time based on their goals. I help them set priorities, develop schedules (most clients are surprised at how much time they spend doing things that are totally against their stated goals, increase productivity, delegate lesser tasks to others and to reduce their reduce there stress level and anxiety. This gives them time to spend with friends and family, relax, enjoy their hobbies (or develop new ones) and to have some downtime for themselves.

Clarity for Faster Results

Clarity comes to my clients after seeing their vision for their lives. This clarity brings their goals into focus and they can see the actions they need to complete to achieve those goals. This clarity, or intense focus, accelerates the speed of achieving their goals, getting them to their vision faster than they would have on their own.


My clients transform their lives from being stuck, tired, wanting to start a business or whatever is their challenge into a life of their vision. Like the caterpillar that transforms to the butterfly, they take their life from ordinary to extraordinary. Your vision will guide you while I coach you to reach that new reality.

Benefits of Coaching

You will:

  • Fully understand your vision for your life
  • Create momentum and be able to sustain it
  • Be happier, more joyful
  • Have a greater sense of accomplishment
  • Be living your life, authentic. Your actions will finally line up with your vision.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Inspire others
  • Have more energy.

4 thoughts on “What to Expect

  1. A coach of life is something most can benefit from. People spiral and have a hard time climbing back to the top. The problem is that most people are chase a forever growth instead of finding things that are worth maintaining. Development is a life process but as a person get older they are trying to find stability and that will continue with having consistency as opposed to chasing everything new!!!!!

    1. Very well said and true. The sad thing is they don’t realize they are spiraling out of control. Kind of like the frog in boiling water.

      People seem to want easy fixes instead of going through the process. Once you go through the process, maintaining the success isn’t as hard and can be permanent.

      1. Yes yes, I agree…. they don’t want to go through the process but the process is what’s going to save them. Climbing is hard work yet the top from the top is worth the climb.

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