Here are testimonials from some of my clients:

“My coaching encounter with Donald was very good for my business. His training allowed me to see where I was spending most of my time (and thoughts) and let me know that the time I was spending with my priority, was not going to get me where I wanted in my business. I needed to rethink what my priority was, and then rearrange my time and thoughts to go where I want to go in my business.

I highly recommend him to all my friends and business acquaintances. He will help you see where you need to refocus your priorities and also to find balance in your life. We all strive for balance. He will work with you unto you achieve your dream life.”

Sheila, Virginia

“Donald does an exceptional job with both group and personal coaching. He breaks it down to manageable pieces and really takes the time to get to know you so that he can effectively coach you towards becoming a more effective leader and a better person. My time management has improved as well as my daily habit of reading daily affirmations.”

Kelly, North Carolina

“I recommend Coaching w/ Donald to anyone who is at cross roads in their life, going through some sort of transition, or looking to improve their life overall.  Donald’s coaching has helped me to put things into perspective,and helped me to organize my thoughts.  The email support has been extremely helpful as well, I’ve gotten tons of useful information.  His coaching style makes you feel very comfortable, which makes it very easy to talk to him.  And that’s mighty important in my book! Thanks Donald”

Teal, Virginia