My Process

I believe coaching, like anything, should have a process to maximize its effectiveness.  I use a process where we create your Vision Statement during the initial session, with verbal delivery of the vision statement during the second sessions.  During subsequent sessions, we work on challenges that are preventing you from living your vision.

Now, that I have told you that I have a process, I am aware that the same process won’t work for everyone. We are all unique, so if your needs are not best served by the process, we will develop a program designed specifically for you.

Vision Statement Sessions

The first session can last up to two hours (most last around one and half hours).  During this time, I will interview you about the six areas for the coaching path (life, business or make your own wheel) you are on.  These questions are probing, thought-provoking and will often have you exploring areas that you haven’t explored before.

After the interview is complete, I compile your answers into a comprehensive Vision Statement.  During the second session, I deliver your personalized Vision Statement verbally after getting you into relaxed state to receive your personalized Vision Statement.

Remaining Sessions

The remaining sessions can tackle self-limiting beliefs, challenges you are having, enhancing specific skills or anything that you require.  Homework and accountability starts during these sessions. I have exercises that we can use during the session to cover most situations.  If you give me enough notice before the session, I can usually develop or acquire an exercise to suit your needs.

At times during the sessions, you will develop an Action Plan to deal with the challenge.  This is a very detailed Action Plan that covers the goal to be achieved, specific actions to take with dates to start or complete and resources that may be required.  It is your job to complete the tasks on the Action Plan or any homework that is given.  I provide accountability, encouragement and praise as you complete your Action Plan or homework.

Phone Sessions

Our sessions will be phone. Why? Phone coaching is very convenient for both the coach and the client. Phone coaching is practical. Since I coach by phone, I am not tied to an office and office hours. This allows me to be available on evenings and weekends.

Email Support

Throughout the duration of your program, you have email access to me.  If you have a question, challenge or victory that you would like to share, you can email me the details.  I will respond by the end of the next business day.