About Me

Hello, everyone, I am Donald Stuart.

Thank you visiting my site.  I founded Turnkey Business Advisors in 2010 to help businesses achieve their goals; it has grown to include helping  frustrated people achieve balance and harmony between in their lives.

Later, I changed the name to Living Your One Life to better define what my coaching is all about. My goal, as a coach, is to help you live your one life to the fullest. Your life includes your business, relationships, family, finances and everything else you are involved with. Each piece affects the other pieces of your life. To live your one life to the fullest, you have to have your life in balance, in harmony.

I am an author, speaker, coach and consultant.  I have been in middle management running an Information Systems department in a hospital, an owner of family owned business and now an entrepreneur helping others achieve their goals and living their one life to the fullest.

I do individual coaching, group coaching and public speaking.  I will make my services match your needs.  In life coaching, I cover the following areas of your life: professional, emotional, spiritual, health and well being, relationships and financial.  For clients that I coach for their business, I cover the following areas of the business: your personal life, vision, your plan, financial operations, internal operations and external operations.  I cover numerous areas in group coaching, including time management, priorities, and setting goals.


I have an Associates Degree from Keiser College in Computer Network Administration and a Bachelors Degree from University of Phoenix in Business – Information Systems.  I am a certified as a life coach through Fowler Wainwright International.

At one point, I had over 20 certifications in the Information Technology field. The certifications were from Novell (Certified Novell Engineer),  Microsoft (MCP+I), CompTIA (A+) and Motorola (Motorola Wireless Field Engineer). I also have over 10 years experience in the Information Technology field. I have designed websites, implemented help desk solutions, installed and setup Windows and Linux servers, and even designed, installed and maintained a wireless internet service provider system serving two counties.

Over the years,  I have been in been in retail, door to door sales, factory worker, PC support, Network Administrator, IT Director and owner/Vice President of a small family business. I also founded Turnkey Business Advisors, LLC. I have experience dealing with challenges from about any position in a company, so I bring a unique perspective to the situation.


I am the proud parent of two great children. My children are my inspiration. I love to golf (when I have time). I am a little OCD, so I had to learn how to build my own golf clubs to my specifications. I love to hunt and fish. I enjoy being with family and my dogs during my spare time.

I have experienced the joys of love and the heartbreak of loss. During a one year stretch, I got divorced, lost my father and mother and my career. But through that, with counseling and a great coach, I found myself. A better, stronger, more balanced self. So, if you are reading this, you are seeing the product of what coaching can do for you.


My philosophy is to partner with my clients to take their business or their one life the next level. If you engage me, you will get my full support in whatever endeavor we tackle together. My job is to help get the best from you, your business or your relationships.


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