I am in the process of moving further away from my children and to a new town. It is a daunting task, especially during the holidays. It is a great opportunity, and opens new doors, but not something I had planned on doing a year ago.

During a break from the packing and unpacking, I was talking to a friend. My friend asked me if I would be lonely. It caught me by surprise as I hadn’t thought about it in that respect.

Holidays have been hard on me since my divorce and the death of my parents; and now I was moving further away from my kids. Back to the question at hand, would I be lonely?

Short answer, no.

I haven’t been lonely since my divorce. I have learned to be happy alone and by myself. Everyone has said or heard at some in their life that “nothing is so lonely as being surrounded by people and feeling alone”. That is a very true statement. Waiting on someone you care about to return your attention also can bring on loneliness.

When you can be happy in silence, sitting alone in the dark, loneliness is not something you have to be concerned about. Learn to accept yourself, be thankful for what you have and you will feel fulfilled.


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