How are you going through life?

Every day we all go through this thing called life.  We go to work, take care of our kids and those we love. Hopefully having some fun as we travel this journey.

There is more to life than this…….but are you living it?

You can have more, have it all…….if you make the right choices. Yes, it comes back to the choices YOU make. You can choose to have it all or to float through life. Your actions, how you spend your time, determine the pace, the quality and the outcome of your journey.

You can go through life wasting your time on things that will never matter, but is fun for the moment. Alcohol, drugs, addictions in general and lies are a great waste of your time, your journey. While you may have fun in the short term, they prevent your journey from being successful. You will drive wedges between your real friends and family. Your career will suffer. You will become lost on your journey. Some people never realize what they have lost as they waste their life and talents. Others realize it too late.

I had a loved one that had a medical condition that took away his ability to communicate as he was dying. You could see in his eyes that he had so much he wanted to say,  but he couldn’t talk, write or sign. Instead of saying – and doing – what needed to be done while he could, he spent his time doing things that while important at the time, wasn’t what needed to be done. He went to his grave with so much left unsaid.

I had another loved one that keep secrets here whole life and finally opened up to our family on her deathbed. Revealing the truth at the end of her life caused her family great emotional pain. Now instead of fond memories growing up, I am faced with questions, had to deal with the anger of the revelation. Our family will never be same.

Both examples are of people who was busy with life, but wasn’t busy living. They both missed opportunities to tell their loved ones how they felt, what was going on. Their loved ones will always wonder why and what they really wanted to say.

I have had to search my life and deal with things that wasn’t easy to deal with. I lost my dad, mom and got divorced in less than a year. I have made my share of mistakes, will make more, but though my experiences I realize the most important thing in life is relationships. My relationship with God, my kids, my family and those that I call my friends. I will endeavor to make sure that they know now and always how I feel about them. I will give them my best, be there for them. I will help them build the future that they want so they can have a better journey.

So, how are you going through your life? Are you doing your best and helping others, living without regrets or are you busy with things that won’t matter in 5 years?

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment.


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