Take Responsibility

AccountableLove Podcast

You’re losing oxygen, suffocated by self-inflicted injuries. The wool is not over your eyes, it’s around your neck taking what life you have left. Are you eager to live, or is the mountain too steep to climb? You’re at rock bottom, but can dig yourself out. There is hope at the temperature of 180, the degree necessary to kill all your bad habits. One degree off and you’ll fall from the narrow path of redemption. I heard all your excuses and unlimited justifications, yet haven’t seen any proof that can justify nor excuse your behavior. You have been placing your sorrows into sorry too long; selling me empty bags of groceries I can’t eat, which means there is no way we will survive. I have already forgiven you, but our chapter has become the end of this book. I advise you to walk up, because under those rocks is six…

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