Our mistakes

We all make mistakes. You can’t go through life without some. Successful people learn from their mistakes, while unsuccessful people wallow in them.

Which are you?

I have been both at different times in my life. You probably have too. The key to success is to own and learn from our mistakes.

My parents taught me to own my mistakes. I was taught that good people can make mistakes. They taught me right from wrong.

One of those talks stands out to me. When I got my driver’s license, mom told me that if I did anything to get in trouble with the police, I would have to spend the night in jail. She would not come pick me up. I learned two lessons that night. Lesson 1, I was accountable for my actions, especially for mistakes. Lesson 2, there are consequences and responsibilities for everything, especially mistakes. I had learned, through previous experience, that if (when) I got in trouble somewhere, the punishment didn’t end until mom had punished me. So I knew that if I got in trouble with the police, the punishment they dished out wouldn’t be the end of it. I would still have to deal with mom.

I am happy to report that outside of speeding tickets, I have never had to deal with the police in any way. Mom’s talk and the fact that she instilled in me to respect laws, has served me well.

As a parent, I have tried to instill in my children that have to be accountable for their life. As long as they do their best, the result doesn’t matter. No one can do more than their best.

I try to reflect on my successes and my mistakes to see what I can learn from them. This reflection allows me to see patterns that I can continue to drive success and issues that if I don’t change I will continue to make mistakes.

I am very grateful to this lesson my parents taught me. I hope that my children will embrace these lessons as well.


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