The Alternative of Acceptance…

Definitely worth sharing.

Peachey Letters


I have been going through a protracted period where an issue – simply unmanaged and ignored because of its difficulty, has now spiralled instead out of silly control. It is gnawing away at my consciousness and going round my brain in ever decreasing circles, filling my thoughts, playing with my emotions and sapping my strength…

Even the fact that I have now established some controls and am moving towards a resolution is not stilling the anger and disquiet. The same evil thoughts circle and spiral in my head again and again. How is it that I could be misunderstood and treated this way… by other individuals, by my own doing, by fate and by the Universe? It feels… oh so painful and unfair…

I have had to consciously choose not to wallow in all this and let it lead and define me, but it is subconsciously still there, not letting…

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