Seasons change

Seasons change. We grow. We have different seasons in our life. Change happens.

You can’t really stop it.

You start out as a baby, totally dependent on someone for your very existence. As you get older, you become more independent. You start to crawl, walk and talk. You are able to express to yourself.

You continue to grow. You start school. You start forming your own opinions and ideas. You are starting the process of breaking away from your parents, becoming your own person.

Another season is high school. You are learning to critically think for yourself. You are really breaking away from your parents, possibly even rebelling.

Now into college or the work force, most put the rebelling behind them. Learning to stand on your own, totally independent. This is the season of fulfillment as you start to fulfill your dreams.

There are numerous other seasons, parenting, middle age, old age and finally death to name a few. All offer you a chance to continue growing, changing. Some people, around their teenage season, grow scared to change. They stay the same, stuck in a season even though they continue to age.

Happy, successful people accept change, and enjoy each season of their life.

What about you?

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment.


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