Why we do the things we do

Our life is made up of our actions, a total of what we do. So, don’t you think it is important to understand why we do the things we do?

I do.

We may think we do things because they are priority or we like something. While that may be true, what makes it a priority or more importantly, why do we like it? You may think you know the answer to those questions, but do you really?

Unless you are really in touch with your sub conscious, you may not know what the real reason is. Maybe its time to explore deeper.

The reason we do what the things we do is usually very simple……emotions. Yes, most are emotion driven.  You get angry, you respond in kind. You’re happy, you celebrate. You get hurt, you hurt others. You are depressed, you bury yourself into your addictions. You need to think, you withdraw (this is one that I am still working on).

Our actions and reactions are emotion driven. Which is never good. Now, you are probably thinking that I am either crazy or very cold hearted. Think about your emotions for a minute. How often do they change? Every day? Every hour? Maybe, minute by minute.

So, if your emotions change quickly, are you going to have a good life doing things based on those emotions? No, because your life will be like a bad roller coaster.

Stop doing things based on your emotions and start taking control of your life. Roller coasters are fun……in an amusement park not as your life.

Let me know what you think by discussing below.


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