Living life at 60 seconds a minute

I am living life 60 seconds a minute. Each moment as they come. Experiencing the deep joys of love, the overwhelming pain of loss, the agony of  heartbreak.

Realizing that each moment is special, never to come again. Some moments are so special that they have changed me forever. Other moments have hurt so bad the pain is still there. Rare moments are both.

I am living, loving, experiencing every moment that my life gives me. Good choices, bad choices, but all are my choices. Nothing in my life is by accident. My moments are my moments, given to me by each choice I make. My mistakes teach me, my victories refresh me.

My moments are my life. I have no regrets, some great memories, some great lessons, a lot left to be done.

To those that have shared moments with me, thank you! Good or bad, you are part of me, of my life.

I look forward to all my future moments, however many I am fortunate to have. I have no worries going forward. After all, I have made my futures moments by my thoughts and choices.


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