Misuse of motivational quotes

As you know, I love motivational quotes as a tool for positive change. Motivational quotes can sum up the feeling, emotion or truth succinctly and brilliantly illustrating what needs to be done. That is why I use them to help my clients and myself.

It frustrates me to see these quotes being misused, especially the ones with the sentiment that “you are perfect the way you” or some semblance of that. Those quotes are just crap. That sentiment is what is holding you back. It is the same old faulty thinking.

Imagine a friend or family member that is an addict. As you are talking to them, they start spouting off quotes about not changing because they are perfect the way they are. They may say they are an original and God doesn’t doesn’t make mistakes. They are right, God doesn’t make mistakes, He gives us free will. This free will is what messed up His perfect plan for us in the first place. They will be perfect only when they submit to His will and plan for their life. And this will require change, getting rid of the addiction.

So the next you or someone you know tries to use quotes (excuses) like this, remember no one is perfect. Throughout history and the billions of people that have inhabited this earth, there has been only one perfect person on earth.  Everyone can grow, change for the better. Including you.

So, change or don’t change. But don’t fool yourself that you are perfect the way you are. No one is. Not me, not you, not anyone.

I would love to know your thoughts.


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