Not an Option….

I love this. It is perfect for anyone dealing with the challenges of life. I have to share this. Thanks for writing so succinctly what I have been trying to say.

The LoveSnobs of The AccountableLove Podcast


We all understand that the world is closing in on you, but the only way to open it is to seek help. Allow people to talk you through negative thoughts and introduce you into positive living. The path you’re going down is a cry for help, but it will bring more tears. We understand you feel trapped in your own skin but the key is to be open. Change the idea of secrecy and allow your Loved ones in. Stop fearing judgment by doing things you aren’t afraid to be judged by. Your life can be complete if you not only allow people to help you fill in the blanks, but cease feeling like you are blank. Whatever demons you carry, accept God to carry….Any goals you have set, lets focus on them. Addiction isn`t an option; being an addict should be a plan. It’s okay to push people away…

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