Google doesn’t have all the answers

In this day and age of finding anything you want you just by searching Google it doesn’t mean that all the answers are that easy. Yes, you can find articles to help you deal with challenges you may facing (you may have gotten to this post via Google), it doesn’t mean that those are for you.

Your answers come from within you.

Not from an article you read. Not from what a friend says. Not from books. From within yourself.

When you allow yourself to be still, meditate, connect with God, then you will have the answers that YOU need. The answers that come from that are the answers that will lead you to living your life to the fullest.

All the other answers, unless they align with your inner self, are just quick and easy answers that will lead to something less than your ideal life.

Articles are from the authors perspective. Friends (or what most people define as friends) have their interest at heart, not yours. Books are from experiences and perspectives of the author. They all are different than you.

Look within, be still and meditate on God and then you will have all the answers you need for your life.

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