5 Steps To Goal Setting Success

An excellent post on achieving your goals!


The secret to success in life is setting goals.  While setting a goal may appear to be a simple task, achieving that goal is another question altogether.

Successfully achieving your goals is possible when:

1. You know exactly what you want.  (FOCUS)

2. You are passionate about your goal.  (PASSION)

3. You have a realistic, solid plan of action.  (ACTION)

The difference between dreaming and wishing, versus achieving our goal, is made when we are passionately driven to achieve specific goals with a solid, realistic plan of action.  Our goals become truly achievable when we are committed to them in this fashion.

Once you have set your goal, expect obstacles and challenges to come your way.  Some of the obstacles you will face will come from well-meaning individuals who are too afraid to go after their own goals.  They want to pull you back into their comfort zone.  When you…

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