Quiet times

One of the tools I use to stay balanced and focused on what is important is meditation. I practice mindfulness, living in the moment.

Mindfulness and meditation doesn’t have to be you sitting in the floor with your eyes closed. At times I practice mindful meditation while walking, just concentrating on my feet as lift them up and place them on the ground. That is a great to feel connected to the earth and all of its wonders.

Another way I like to meditate on the good things in life is to just get in the car and drive until I come to a beautiful scene. I then stop and just look at the beauty that God has given us. I try to capture those moments with a picture so that I can keep that peace with me.

Here is a picture of such place I was at yesterday.

Looking down on God's beauty.
Looking down on God’s beauty.

I just sat there taking in the beauty of view. Thinking of nothing, doing nothing. Just admiring the view. Standing there taking this picture, I realized just how small I was in the grand scheme of things. I will be here for only a short time, so I have to the most of each moment. Be mindful of the each breathe, each opportunity.

Embrace each opportunity, realize what is important, let go of what isn’t.

This is how I like to spend my quiet times.

Do you have quiet times? Share how you like to spend your quiet time.


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