Slow down to enjoy life

Our lives are busy, sometimes to the point of exhaustion. We have our careers, family obligations, hobbies, friends, favorite TV shows, social media and of course we have to sleep at some point. With all of that, it is no wonder some people feel like that are missing on life.

Smile, breathe and go slowly.
Thich Nhat Hanh

How many of us actually takes the time to smile, breathe and go slow in life?

Listening to conversations with friends and clients, I can tell you that very few do. In this day and age where everyone is about instant gratification, we miss so much of the things that can make us happy.

How many people do you see walking around with a frown or scowl on their face? Do they look like they are enjoying life or that they are just surviving? Smiling not only makes you feel better, it makes those around you feel better. Your smile may be the smile that someone needs to pick themselves up and get going.

Breathing, consciously focusing on our breathing, can release stress and anger. Breathing exercises can also help bring focus and clarity to your life.  So make the time to spend a few minutes a day to do some deep breathing and watch how it can help improve your life.

Take life slow. As I stated earlier, we have so much vying for our time that we are in rush. A rush to work, a rush home, a rush to family events, a rush to post the latest on Facebook; always a rush. Slow down for a minute. Spend a few minutes just doing nothing. Enjoy some solitude. When was the last you was totally disconnected from the online world? When was the last time you lived for just this moment?

Some of the best moments in my life has been when I was totally in the moment.

  • Seeing my daughter at her first prom with her date
  • Archery with my children
  • A smile from a total stranger that made my day
  • Feeling my heart experience love again after my divorce

All of those moments was possible because I smile as I go through life, breathe consciously focusing on the present moment and I have slowed down to recognize those moments.

In the past, I missed a lot of moments because I was going so fast, I didn’t have to recognize to them for what they were…..moments in time that should be cherished because you can never get them back.

Are you missing moments because you are so busy?

Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think.


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