How are you filling your life?

I use this exercise with my clients to illustrate how important their choices are in their life. If we think of our life as jar, we can only it so full of things, before it is completely full. What is important is what we fill the jar with and the order we fill it.

Let me explain.

First, let’s divide our activities into three rock sizes.

  • Big rocks will represent the major or important things. Normally, it would be family, love, goals, dreams, spiritual life, career and yourself.
  • Smaller rocks will represent smaller tasks that may need to be done, but are not major.
  • Sand will illustrate the things that hold back, like bad habits, addictions, too much internet use, social media updates. Stuff that really doesn’t matter in the big picture.

There are multiple ways you can fill your jar up. The ones with broken dreams, no goals and/or relationship issues normally fill their jar with the sand first. They spend their time on the things that soothe their pains, but hold them back from a successful life. Your life will full, but won’t be the life it could be.

jar of sand





Another way you fill your jar is with the smaller rocks first, then the sand and if there is any room, the big rocks. Your life will be a little more balanced, but your big rocks (the most parts of your life) still are suffering.

small rocks first






Look at the image above. The jar on the right has no big rocks. Those people’s most important things aren’t getting any attention. The jar on the left, the big rocks are on the very top and getting very little attention. There are some that they have no time far at all.

The best way to fill your life is with the big rocks first, then the smaller rocks and to fill the remaining spaces, if any, with the sand. By doing this you are concentrating on the most important things in your life and giving them the time and attention they deserve. Your life is very balanced, you are happy and your relationships are strong.

big rocks first






So, looking at your life as a jar, which picture represents your life?

If your life is one of the first two jars and you would like to change it, contact me and we can start a program that will help you get your life balanced.

Feel free to leave a comment. 


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