Early morning musings

Here I am up in the wee hours of the morning. This is not common for me, but I have been talking to friends, old and new this morning. These talks have me thinking about all manner of things.

So, instead of just thinking about them, I thought I would share them. Feel free to leave your thoughts at the end of this post.

  • We reap what we sow. No matter what we do in life, at some point we all will reap what we sow. Some call it karma, others call it the law of attraction. Whatever you decide to name it, it boils down to what you do in life, you will get repaid in kind. Your life is a direct reflection of what you have sown. If things are truly good (not a façade), chances are you have sown good things with your life. If your life is a mess, you can bet that sown bad things. It comes around to everyone. No one is exempt.
  • When one door closes, others will open. Opportunities will come and go. Just because a door closes doesn’t mean that the opportunity is gone. It can mean that what ever is gone wasn’t the best for you. Be it a job (like me between jobs right now), or a business opportunity or even a relationship. Keep your eyes open for the open door that you wouldn’t have noticed if the other hadn’t closed.
  • Be open to new things. Don’t stay in your comfort zone. Get out and try different things. The more you experience, the more opportunities you will have. Only when we stay in our comfort zone do we stay where we are.
  • Not everyone that comes in your life is meant to be permanent. Friends will come and go as we grow. Relationships will end. Its all a part of life. It can hurt. You will heal. Those that go, were never really vested in your life. But, you can learn from them. You can have fond memories. But their is reason they aren’t in your life anymore. Accept it, and let it go.
  • Happiness only comes when we are happy with ourselves. People, possessions or money can’t make us happy. True happiness comes when we can be happy whatever our circumstances are. I have friends that are very well off and they constantly complain about things, not very happy at all. Yet, I have other friends that are barely making ends meet and they are some of the happiest I know.
  • Arrogance and ego are killers. When arrogance or you ego rules you, everyone around you suffers. Years ago, I was very arrogant. I was brought to my knees by a divorce, lost business and the death of both of my parents. Coming out the other side of all of that, which happened in less than a year, I was no longer arrogant. My arrogance brought me to my knees. While the death of mom and dad wasn’t due to my arrogance, it happened at a time that drove home the point to me that I was an arrogant jerk and had to change. (See bullet one.)
  • Its never too late. If it is meant to be, it will be. Time never runs out on what is meant for you. We may delay it by our actions, but if it was meant to be, sooner or later it will happen. Getting my Bachelors degree took longer than it should, but because it was important for me to be successful in my field, I eventually achieved it. It took years of hard work, while I was working a full time job and a parent. I had tried to get my degree right after high school, but life happened and I delayed it. Its never too late for something that is important to you.

Ok, my musings are done for today. Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment.



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