Benefits of Mindful Living

In previous posts, I have talked about mindfulness and mindful meditation. Today, I will show the benefits of mindful living.

Mindfulness can relieve stress, help depression, ease anxiety disorders and help with pain management. Over 250 hospitals have mindfulness based programs to help their patients. The reason mindfulness works is because being mindful of your situation gives you the ability to temper your response. Through mindfulness, your brain is reprogrammed to accept the stimuli in your life as what they are, temporary. This gives you the opportunity to temper your response and not have extreme highs and lows in your life.

Mindful meditation can actually change your mind. After mindful meditation and mindfulness, your mind starts operating differently. No longer are you depressed, your stress levels decrease and you are able to handle challenges in your life better. You can get the benefits of antidepressants and other drugs by being mindful and mediating daily.

When you meditate with a focus on the positiveness of God, your walk with Him is enhanced. You will feel more connected, more in His will.

Below are some links to investigate mindfulness.

And you can contact me and I will send you a free five minute meditation. Give it a try!

What do you have to lose……besides stress, anxiety and depression?


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