Tomato plants and other odd thoughts

I love this time of year. Spring is now in full season, gardens are planted and the temperature is warming up so that I can spend time out doors.

Growing up, I used to have a garden. As I have gotten older, I have not had the time to plant and care for a garden, but some of my best memories are working in the garden.

I love tomatoes, especially garden fresh tomatoes. My neighbor introduced me to a tomato sandwich and on a warm summer day, nothing beats going out to the garden and picking a fresh tomato and making a sandwich with it.

How does a tomato seed grow into a plant that bears fruit that even the plant can’t support by itself? The main thing a tomato plant needs is support. The tomato plants life and ability to be fruitful is totally dependent on the support given by the gardener.

Our life is very similar to a tomato plant. Lets look at that idea:

  • We both need constant support and nurturing in our formative stages. For a tomato plant, it starts out totally sheltered and inside. We, start out with loving parents that provide our every need. Take this away from either and they will both perish.
  • Eventually, both the tomato plant and children expand their area. For the tomato plant, we move it to the garden. Children start venturing out to play, start school and having friends outside of the family. This is an exciting time in their development. The support they receive in this stage is vital to their success later.
  • At this stage, both the tomato plant and older children start bearing fruit. With tomato plants, you can watch as the little tomatoes start getting bigger, until they start weighing down the stems and threatening to break the stems by the weight. With people, it isn’t as easy to see the fruit and the need for support. As parents, friends and employers, we have to discern the fruit and the need for support.
  • Finally, with the tomato plant now bearing fruit, the gardener will support the plant. Some use a rod, tied around the plant while others use the tomato cage to support the fruit. Children especially, but really all people, need a support system that will help them bear fruit and be successful.

Do you have that support system to be successful? For those around you, do you provide support, or do you not discern their gifts and need for support?

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment.


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