Why Your Thoughts Are Important

I talk about our self talk being important in our lives and about how meditation can help promote a positive self talk. As a refresher, self talk is our inner dialog, how we talk to ourselves in our minds. The meditation model I use is mindful meditation, being mindful of each moment.

Here is a quote that sums up exactly how important our self talk is:

Thoughts lead on to purposes; purposes go forth in action; actions form habits; habits decide character; and character fixes our destiny.
Tryon Edwards

Our thoughts are the start of our destiny.

Think about that for a second. Our destiny is tied to our thoughts. Why do allow ourselves to have negative thoughts when our destiny is in the balance? Why do we suffer through life with thoughts that are not promoting our goals and vision?

We do that because we train everything else but our mind. We train our bodies, we train for specific tasks, yet we don’t have time to train our minds to be our partners in achieving our vision.

As a country, we spend billions of dollars each year for self-help tools, books and seminars that touch on the symptoms but not the root cause of our issues.

By controlling our thoughts,we can be successful in everything we attempt.

So how do we control our thoughts? To me, we do it in two ways:

  1. We monitor and control our self talk. When we hear negative self talk, we immediately change it to something positive. Eventually, the negative will go away and be replaced with positive self talk.
  2. We meditate daily. A twenty-minute mindful meditation to clear our minds of our negative energy and replace it with positive energy. This will allow us to be mindful and accepting of all things in our life.

By doing those two things, our positive thoughts can be the first step to our great destiny.

I am interested in your thoughts on this, so leave your comments below.


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