New Years Resolution…Again?

Soon it will be time for us to make our yearly New Years resolutions. Surveys say only around 8% ever succeed in reaching their resolutions.

So, are you planning on making a resolution this year?

I would recommend that you don’t make a resolution this year. You are probably scratching your head wondering why a coach would recommend against it. I don’t recommend it because chances are will you fail at it. Like 92% of the people did last year.

Think about this time last year. You were probably psyched up about the coming New Year and couldn’t wait to start to your resolution. Your goal was noble, yet your results were lacking. After the first week, your excitement started to wane. By the second week, you were making excuses. The third so you resolve to do better. Finally around the fourth week, you gave up.

So you still want to change something about your life. How serious are you about the change? Again, think back to last year. Was you successful with your resolution? How about the year before? Three years ago? I would venture to say that you weren’t successful any of those years.

Again, how serious do you want to change? If you are ready to change, really ready, you will need to change how you approach your resolution (from now on goal). You need a program to keep you on track.

I have created such a program for you to be successful this year. You can check it out here.

If you are tired of being part of the 92% that fail, lets get started and make 2013 your best year ever.





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