Just A Smile?

We all have bad days. On those days, a smile isn’t just a smile.

Let me explain.

I was talking to a friend and he related a story that I found interesting. He was having a bad day. According to him, nothing was going right. He had gotten up to an argument, got called into work on his day off and was not in good a mood. Plus his tank was on empty and the place he stopped to get gas was actually out of regular grade of gas. (Can you relate so far? I know I can.) So he goes in to get a drink……and get this, the coffee was four hours old. (I think I would have went back home to start over at this point.)

As he is looking around the convenience store, the cashier spoke to him. She was smiling, full of enthusiasm, bubbly. In other words, her mood and demeanor was exactly the opposite of his. As they were talking, he realized her smile and enthusiasm was contagious. He could feel his mood lifting.

As he was checking out, he asked her why she had on her gloves and hat and she told him that the store hadn’t had power all day. She had been there for around six in the cold and was still bubbly.

I believe in sharing a smile, even when things don’t necessarily go my way. But, at times I don’t always do it. As he was telling me this story, it really drove home the point that a smile can brighten someone’s day and turn it around for them.

Just a smile? I don’t think so. Do you?


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