Commitment to Excellence

Another quality of a leader is to have a commitment to excellence. Leaders are committed to excellence in everything they do and everyone they have on their team. This commitment drives the business processes to ensure excellence in all phases.

What does a commitment to excellence look like?

  1. A drive for quality. Quality work and relationships ensure excellence as the outcome. Leaders instill in others the need to produce quality in all areas. Cutting corners is not condoned.
  2. Giving 100%. Excellence is by product of giving your all. Leaders make others want to give their all to the cause. When everyone is committed 100% to the same thing, excellence follows.
  3. Accountability. To achieve excellence, everyone has to be accountable to each other. This accountability fosters team work and willingness to give 100% effort. Team members will help each other when needed and call out those not keeping up their end.

Take a few minutes and look at your product or service. Can you see a commitment to excellence or do see areas to improve? Of the three items above, which needs to be focused on in your organization?

Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below,


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