You Are What You Do

Yes, you are what you do. Now, before you stop reading because you think I am talking about your profession or career, trust me I am not talking about that.

So, what do I mean? Let me explain.

When I say you are what you do, I mean exactly that. You are your actions. While your words may say one thing, ultimately your actions define you.

Successful people have a set of characteristics and actions that make them successful. Conversely, unsuccessful people have a a set of characteristics and actions that make them unsuccessful.

So, whether you successful or unsuccessful depends on what you do, your actions. Your actions have to be inline with your goals. To be successful, in anything, your actions have enable that success.

Actions of Successful People

Successful people have some actions in common.

  • Are life long learners. While they may not be formally educated, they learn from everything they do.
  • Not only are they life long learners, they apply that knowledge to their life. They act on their knowledge.
  • Are grateful for what they have and they SHOW it. They share their blessings with others.
  • Are listeners and really interested in others around them.
  • Seek out counsel of others. They understand that other perspectives can shed light on the subject which may provide an answer.
  • Use their time to fulfill their goals and help others.
  • Own their actions. When they make a mistake, they take ownership of it.

Actions of Unsuccessful People

So, now that we looked at the actions of successful people, lets look at the actions of unsuccessful people.

  • Procrastinate. They put off things until it reaches critical mass and becomes an emergency.
  • Make excuses, blame others. Spend time running from their actions instead of owning them.
  • Don’t listen to others. Easily swayed by emotion then stubborn when presented with facts. Live in their own bubble.
  • Out for themselves, not about helping others. They may do things for others, but it is with an ulterior motive.
  • Attend seminars, read books to improve their lives but never act on the knowledge.
  • Waste their time. Instead using their time to achieve their goals, they waste it. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, the internet, online games, you name it, they do it.

What are your actions doing for you? Are your actions going to make you successful or unsuccessful?

The good thing is, successful people are made not born. You can change your actions to become successful, if you are ready.

I left the most important action of successful people for now. The top, number one, absolutely most important action of successful people is that they made a decision to be successful and to change their actions to be successful.


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