Thoughts from a (not so) normal day

Today was a very busy day. I had a meeting a 9:00am and after that my day was hectic. During the meeting, the organizer made a comment that stuck with throughout the day.

What was the comment that made that much of an impact?

“We are in the worst, so start looking for the positive. Keep your head, stay positive and realize this will pass.”

Why did that comment have such a great impact for me? I can’t go into the details, but I knew where he was coming from and for him to have that attitude, it amazed me. His words motivated everyone there and allowed everyone to focus on finding the solution(s) and not staying focused on the situation.

So, what in your life can you apply that sentiment to? Is there an area or problem that you take that attitude with and maybe, just maybe, see a solution instead of seeing the worst?

I bet there is.


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