Dealing with Adversity

Anybody who knows me, knows what I have been through the last three years dealing with a divorce and the death of my parents. While I have had my share of adversity, there are others who deal with even more adversity.

Adversity is a part of life, albeit a bad part.

How we deal with adversity is key to our personal health. We can let our adversities overwhelm us or we can overcome our adversity and come out stronger on the other side.

I am going to share some keys to overcoming adversity and coming out the other side stronger.

  • Realize and accept that you are facing adversity. The first step to dealing with dealing with anything is realizing we are in the midst of it.
  • Take a step back and analyze exactly what is going on in your life. Look at things as they really are, not how you perceive them. Talk about the situation with someone you trust. Looking at it objectively will allow to realize exactly how bad (or not so bad) it is.
  • Sometimes we have to have help dealing with our adversities in life. Don’t be afraid to seek and use help. Use a coach, a counselor or pastor to work with that you trust and feel comfortable with.
  • Develop a plan to deal with the adversity. Share the plan with others. Stick to the plan; it will be hard to stick to when you are in middle of your adversity.
  • Smile and realize how far you have come when you overcome your adversity. You have survived and now are wiser and stronger for having gone through it.

These steps should allow you to overcome adversity and to grow from the experience. Adversity, even though we don’t like it, is a part of life. We either deal with it and overcome it or we allow our adversity to control us.

To be successful, we have to deal with and overcome our adversity. We can’t be successful when our adversity control us. There is no path to success that doesn’t take us on the trail of overcoming adversities in our life.

I will leave you with this quote to think about. Napoleon Hill had it right when he said:

Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed on an equal or greater benefit.

It is worth going through and overcoming our adversities when we allow it to make us grow and become wiser.


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