Can’t Afford a Coach? or Can’t Afford NOT to Have a Coach?

Most people that want to improve themselves to become more successful want to do it own their own. They feel like they don’t need any help and sometimes are even ashamed to ask for help. Only a fraction of people utilize a coach to help them improve.

But, when you talk to highly successful people, you hear about them utilizing coaches to help them recognize and overcome challenges that they may not have been aware of or had been struggling with for years. Highly successful people utilize all available options to continue their climb to the top. They use coaches, mentors, self-help books and seminars.

So, you are probably thinking one of two things now:

  1. I can’t afford a coach now.
  2. I will get a coach when I get more successful.

That puts you in what I call “the chicken or the egg dilemma”. Do you engage a coach so you can get more successful (or make more money) or wait until you are more successful and can afford a coach? You can continue the path you have chosen and eventually achieve the success you want (hopefully) or you can jump start your success by engaging a coach that specializes in the area you need.

Before you answer that, think about this perfect example of what coaching can do for you. If you follow golf, you have heard of Tiger Woods. He is probably the best golfer of all time, or will be by the time he retires. He should hold all the records when he hangs up his cleats. Did he achieve this by himself? No, he didn’t. While he has all the raw talent in the world, he has been coached since he was a toddler to be the best golfer in the world. He, actually his father, engaged coaches to help him become the greatest golfer in the world before he ever played his first tournament. Would Tiger had been great without the coaches? Probably. But raw talent will take you only so far in life. It has to be honed and controlled. Do you think his investment in coaching early in life paid off? Absolutely! He was able to achieve his goals faster than anyone in his profession ever has.

There is very few people who couldn’t benefit from a coach. Most people will achieve their goals quicker with a coach, just like Tiger Woods.

So, I leave you with this question: Can’t afford a coach or can’t afford NOT to have a coach?


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