Schemes for Happiness

You are constantly inundated with schemes on how to be happy or get happy. Most of the schemes are to buy this or do that to be happy. I hate to tell you that none of the schemes out there will for long. Real happiness comes from within and until you can conquer that, your happiness will fleeting.

Most schemes have you buy a product, and then do what the product says. Three or five or ten easy steps to happiness. Unless the first step is to look inside it isn’t going to work. There is no set path to happiness. The only common step that each of us has on our path is looking inward. Every step after that is unique to you and your circumstances.

Other schemes say you have to sign up for seminars or teleconferences to learn how to be happy. We all have been to self help seminars and came back and knew we were going to change. How long did it last? For most people, not very. If they did, they would soon out of business.

The final scheme that gets me is some of the direct sales pitches where you become part of their group and you magically be happy and earn lots of money. Your “coach” gets you going and selling their product and recruiting others and tells you the more you do the happier and richer you will be. Look at the earnings for direct sales for a second. According to, the average yearly income for a direct salesperson was $1974 in 2008. That is the average income. Is that going to make you happy? I don’t think so. The main issue I have with direct sales is their use of “coaches”. The coaches tell you they are helping you become the best you can be. That is not totally true. They are helping you be the best direct salesperson you can be because when you buy something or recruit someone, they make money. To me, that is a conflict of interest for a coach. To me, the only fee a coach should get is for service rendered. (I even have a money back guarantee, if you don’t like my coaching style, I will refund your money. No questions asked.) One direct sales company talks about executive pay for becoming moving higher up the ladder. Each year, the percentage of direct salespeople in that organization that achieves executive pay is around 2%. That means 98% never achieve executive pay.

So, how do achieve happiness? To me it starts from within. As a coach, I can help you get there, but you do the work and honestly examine your heart. Let’s look a few ways to start down the path to happiness.

  • Truly examine what your heart is telling you. Your purpose and vision will come from your heart. You may have to slow down to hear it, but your heart will tell what you makes you happy, what your purpose is.
  • Realize that are we are to be content in whatever we do. In Philippians  4:11 it states “Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.” It doesn’t say change jobs and be content. Be content with what you have.
  • Create action plans for your vision or purpose. For visual people, create a vision board. Monitor the plan or board and check off the items as you achieve them.
  • Accountability. All change needs accountability to someone. Use a pastor, mentor or coach. Be accountable to someone.
  • The first item for happiness was to listen to your heart. Listen to heart, but make decisions based on facts, not emotions. Our emotions change every hour, heck sometimes every minute. Pray, meditate and investigate all decisions before acting. A little delay in acting can prevent a disaster later.

Of all those things, only one involves someone or something else and that is accountability. Accountability is a key area for lasting change. Your accountability partner, coach or mentor can keep you on track as you go down your path to happiness.

Please feel free to add you comments. I would love to hear your thoughts.