Do You Know Your Why?

We all have a why for our life, our profession or calling. Sometimes we are clear on our why and other times, we aren’t. Knowing your why is important to having the life you want. When you know the why, you can make sure your actions support the why.

My why as a coach and father, is to help others. I do that in my programs, my posts on my social networking sites and in my blog posts. As I parent, I help my children by living what I say, providing emotional support and trying to inspire them to be their best. In fact, in my job at Kmart, I do my job to help others. I do my best for the store and other employees. I provide positive feedback to help the employees enjoy being there. I provide assistance to other employees even when I don’t really have the time. Helping others has become a way of life for me.

I had a client whose why was to help their family. The client tried to do everything they could to help their family emotionally, spiritually and financially.

I know people whose why is to get a bigger house or car. While neither of these things are bad, having that as why, to me, is not a good why. To me, your why should be a higher purpose than having possessions or becoming rich. When you focus on possessions or money, you are prone to focus on self. When your why is higher than possession, you tend to focus on others.

As I said, your why is important in your life. Your why should determine your actions. To fully live your why, each action has be aligned with your why. Imagine that your why is to help others, but you was a very negative person. What if your why is to help your family, but you spend all your money and time gambling? Would you be living your why? I don’t think so.

As I close this post, I will leave you with two questions:

  1. Do you know your why?
  2. Are your actions aligned with your why?

Please share your answers by leaving a comment below.

Have a great day.





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