Unlearning Your Self Limiting Beliefs

I have talked in the past of limiting beliefs and how they hinder our lives. Today, I will expand on how to move forward, we have to unlearn the beliefs that hold us back. I believe we all have limiting beliefs that prevent us from being all that we can be.

As you know, I love Star Wars and Yoda. There is a scene in the movie that perfectly illustrates how our limiting beliefs stop our progress.

As you notice in the video, Yoda tells Luke “do or do not. There is no try.” You have to do something to change your life. You can change your limiting beliefs by trying, you actually have to do it. Action changes things, trying does not.

Yoda goes on tell Luke “you have to unlearn what you have learned”. What Yoda means is that our beliefs make us who we are. If we believe we can’t do something, we will never do it. If we aren’t worthy of something, we will never have it. So, if we want to change, we have to change what we believe. That is why I talk about changing our self limiting beliefs. Our mind, our thoughts and our beliefs determine our outcome for our life.

Luke tries to get his ship out of the water and actually starts lifting it, but then fails. He starts thinking about how big the ship is and how it is impossible. When he starts thinking this, the ship falls back into the water. Luke then tells that he wants the impossible.

Now, to me, this is where it starts to get interesting and where we really need to pay attention. Yoda, after years of training and being coached (yes they had coaches, they were just called Master), lifted the ship to dry land. Yoda had been coached to unlearn the lessons that was holding him back and replace those lessons with lessons that could help him become a Jedi Master. Because of this, Yoda was able to lift the ship out of the water when Luke couldn’t.

Finally, Luke tells Yoda that he didn’t believe it. Yoda, as succinct as ever just responds “that is why you failed”. Again, your beliefs will determine your ability.

So, to summarize, we need to unlearn our self limiting beliefs and replace them with beliefs that will allow us to become what we envision for our lives.

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