Planting season

When I was growing up, this time of year, specifically Good Friday,  was the time that daddy started planting his garden in earnest. He would plan what he was going to plant and purchase the seeds or plants to ensure that what he wanted to harvest was what he planted.

This is a good way to live our lives. Because what we plant (sow) now we harvest (reap) later.

But, life doesn’t have a defined growing and harvesting season. We don’t necessarily plant something now and in exactly two or three months harvest the results. No, sometimes it is instantaneously while other times it can be years.

So, exactly what are planting today?

Are planting seeds that bring a good harvest? Seeds like honesty, respect, love? When you plant those seeds, eventually you will harvest the same in your life. Joy, kindness and charity are also good seeds to sow.

Or are you planting seeds that will bring a bad harvest or result in your life? Seeds like drama, anger, dishonesty will bring that back to you. In a greater measure than you planted them. Envy, jealousy and hate are some more bad seeds that will make your life less desirable than you want.

So, as you venture out today, think about the results you want in your life and make sure you planting the seeds that will bring those results.

Let me know what you think and how you are ensuring the seeds that you plant will give you the life you want.


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