Clarity is term I use with clients as one of the benefits of coaching of any type. For me, clarity means to have an understanding of your life, as it is.

While clarity may be a benefit of coaching, it in itself is not that beneficial.

Once you have clarity, you are then responsible for making better decisions. It is hard to make good decisions when you don’t have clarity, you don’t understand your life. During these times, your decisions are mostly based off of emotions or needs instead of what is best for you.

Lets look at how clarity will help with your decision making process:

  • Lets say you are faced with a decision dealing with making a purchase you really can’t afford. Without clarity, you may go on and make the purchase, not understanding the consequences. With clarity, you would understand that purchase is solving a temporary emotion and is not going to help your financial situation. You also realize that the purchase is not in line with your vision.
  • Another situation could be faced with dealing with something that makes you angry. Without clarity, you may strike back out of pain. With clarity, you understand that striking back is not going to help you achieve your goals and will make a better decision.

When you have clarity, you can fully own your life and make it what you want it to be.

So, do you have clarity in your life?


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