Why You Really Need a Email List

Do you have your business and want to expand your customer base? Or do you want to communicate more effectively with the customers you already have? Either way you need an email list. With an email list you can increase your customer base and communicate with your current customer more effectively. Let me explain.

Do you want to expand your customer base? Offer a free report, free download or a discount for subscribing to your newsletter. Make the offer pertinent and follow up with the new subscribers. Provide them with information they need, that solves a problem they are facing and they will eventually purchase from you. By having their information, their permission to send them your newsletter and offers, you are able to present your company to them fast and for very little cost.

Your current customers can benefit from being in email list. You can keep them updated on upcoming events, new products, updates available to their current products, etc. This is a very efficient and low cost way to communicate with your customers. By emailing them, you stay on their mind and when they need something, they will think you.

Why use a service with your list instead of just emailing them? The benefits of using a service like MailChimp, Constant Contact, AWeber, or one of the others include:

  • Tracking who opens your emails
  • Tracking who clicks on the links
  • Tracking the clicks that your subscribers click
  • You can segment your list to provide the information to the right people
  • You can schedule your emails to arrive when you want them to
  • You can preview your messages before you send them

If you are serious about your business you will grow and use your list. If you are worried that you don’t have the skills to set up your service and list, contact me at 276 617-2254 to discuss your needs.


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