Are You a Leader or a Wannabe?

Do you claim to be a leader in your life, business or your field of expertise?

I have noticed that many people claim to be leaders, but they don’t have the characteristics that I consider a leader to have. I consider them wannabes instead.  A wannabe is someone that basically likes to give instruction or direction, but takes no action on advancing themselves or their business.

Does this describe you, your up-line or someone else on your team?  Here are some clues that might help you out:

  • A leader praises their team and offers encouragement, inspiration; a wannabe is quick to find fault, slow to give praise and tears down
  • A leader holds himself/herself to a higher standard than those around them; a wannabe, while they have a high level of expertise, doesn’t hold himself/herself to higher standard – in fact, he/she holds those around them to a higher standard
  • A leader leads by example and is a role model; a wannabe blends in, follows the crowd and leads by direction, not by being an example
  • A leader has a deep rooted belief in their vision, leads their team through the growth process to be a balanced, harmonious person in their business and life; a wannabe recruits teammates, expecting others to mentor and lead them through the growth process, doesn’t care about the whole person, only cares about what will benefit the team
  • A leader shows integrity, does the right thing regardless the immediate impact; a wannabe does the convenient thing regardless the long-term impact.

Which of these characteristics best describes you and your teammates?  Be honest with yourself.

Just remember, that a leader must lead and nourish others through the growth process.  A leader can only lead through the growth process if he/she is growing themselves.  If the leader is stagnating, the team will be as well.

If he/she loses integrity and fails to take action, then this same failure mindset will ripple down to his/her teammates.  It is my opinion that integrity is the most important skill or trait of a leader. Without integrity, the other skills and traits will never mature fully. A team will duplicate their leader and their leader’s actions.

So, let me ask you one last time…Are you a leader or a wannabe?

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