Lessons for Life – Fall/Winter

I am fortunate enough to live in a part of the country where I get to experience all four seasons in all their grandeur.  As we leave fall and head into winter, I thought I would share some ideas of what we can learn from these seasons.

Fall and winter brings us change from the growing season of summer.  Leaves begin to change color and start falling.  Grass, crops and flowers start dying down and going dormant.  The temperature starts dropping and we get different types of precipitation.  We even have less sun than in the other months.

So, what can learn from these seasons? I think we can learn the following:

  • Like the leaves falling, we need to let of things in our lives so that we grow.  The bad things in our lives that are holding us back, we need to let go like the trees let go  of their leaves.  That allows the next season of our lives to take place.  We can’t change our seasons by holding on to things, emotions and baggage that is holding us back.
  • Like the trees and other foliage or crops going dormant, we need time to rest to rejuvenate our bodies.  This time of rest allows us to heal, to meditate and grow stronger than ever.
  • Snow in winter takes longer to melt, giving nutrients to the soil that rain doesn’t provide.  The changing circumstances in our lives allows us the opportunity to get knowledge or strength that we hadn’t had in the past.

So, as we go through the fall/winter seasons, lets use these ideas to grow our lives as the earth is rejuvenated as well.


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