Are You Filling Yourself Up?

We give of ourselves to others all the time.  We give our love, patience, compassion and guidance to others everyday. Sometimes we give until we feel empty. As we give to others, we need to remember to fill ourselves up so that we don’t hit empty.

There are many positive ways to fill ourselves up. Some ways to fill up include:

  • Prayer and devotion time.  This time set aside to worship will fill us up with love, patience, compassion and wisdom, to name a few.  A few minutes a day in mindful prayer and devotion does wonders to ability to give positively to the others around us.
  • Surrounding ourselves with positive, uplifting people.  Have you ever noticed their positive attitude is contagious? When we surround ourselves with positive people, we become positive.  Then when we are around others, our positive attitude lifts them up. It is almost a snowball affect.
  • Being accountable to someone.  With an accountability partner, you have support in your time of need and receive guidance to prevent lapses in your value system.
  • Having a coach. As we give guidance, feedback and advice to our families, friends and co-workers, we need to continually improve our lives – business and personal. I have a great coach that I use so that I continue to grow and push myself to new heights.

While we can achieve things on our own, but to achieve great things, we need to use all the tools we have available to fill ourselves up so that we can continue to grow and give to others.  After all, we can’t give what we don’t have.



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