Happy Thanksgiving (belated)

I meant to get this post completed before Thanksgiving, but I was unable to.  I will go ahead with this post, even though it is late.

As we gather for Thanksgiving, I would like to take the time to share some things I am thankful for and some tips for your relationships.  First, I will share what I am thankful for:

  • My faith, which without I would be nothing.
  • My children, who make every day a holiday.  Watching them grow up, become adults is an honor.  I cherish every second with them.
  • My family (sisters, extended family).  They are a support system that has helped me through my darkest hour.
  • My friends.  I have very few true friends, but the ones I do have, I cherish.  Friends make life easier as we go through our trials and tribulations.
  • My dogs.  Every day they show me unconditional love.  They are there when no one else is.

As I look at past holidays, I have some wonderful memories.  These memories include relationships that have ended for one reason or another.  Relationships that I can never repair or say what I wanted to say to them.  It is because of the lost relationships that I want to share some tips for this holiday – and every day.

  • Cherish every relationship.  Never take a relationship for granted.  They will not always be here.
  • Be truthful.  Lies slowly kill relationships.  As the truth erodes, so does the trust.  It is easier to tell the truth than to repair the trust.
  • Never allow a day to end with harsh words.  Do what it takes to reconcile.
  • Love unconditionally.  Everyone has faults.  Love and accept others as they are.
  • Take time to show others you love them with your words and actions.

Holidays – really every day – are about sharing our life with others.  We should make time for the people that are important to us every day, not just on special days throughout the year.  As we enter this holiday season, lets celebrate our relationships every day.

Happy Thanksgiving and have a safe weekend!





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