We all have to deal with lies.  Sometimes, the lies are told to us; other times we tell lies.  All lies are bad.  However, I think the worst lies we tell are the lies we tell ourselves.

Lets look at the different types of lies that can derail us from living our best lives.

The lies we tell others kill our dreams slowly.  Each lie we tell others hurts our reputation; breaks the trust others have in us.  If we continue to lie to others, eventually our reputation will be that of someone that can’t be trusted.  Others will not want to be around us.  These lies will eventually hurt all the relationships in our lives.  In business, we lose clients or employees; in our personal life, we lose friends and alienate family.

The lies we tell ourselves are worse, as I mentioned earlier.  These lies totally prevent us from succeeding at our goals.  When we lie to our self, we accept what is not true and base our decisions on those lies.  Can you see how that will prevent success?  Some of the common lies that we tell ourselves that I hear as a coach include:

  • My actions don’t affect anyone but me.
  • I am not worthy of success, happiness, etc.
  • My mistakes are who I am.
  • I will be happy when I meet my goals, get out of my situation, find someone, etc.

When we believe these lies, or any lie we are telling our self, we live out the lie.  Our life becomes the results of the lie.  We can not be successful when we don’t recognize the truth about our self.

So, the question becomes how do I prevent the lies, especially the lies I tell myself.  I believe that we can overcome lies by taking some simple steps.

  • Take a long look at our life.  Are we lying to others or our self?  Examine what we do, what we say.
    • If we are lying to our self, recognize the lie.  Understand that the lie has been trying to protect us from something.  Let it go.  Replace the lie with the truth.  If the lie is that we will be happy when meet our goals, replace it with I will be happy as I work hard to meet the goals I have for my life.  Remember, it is the journey that is important.
  • Make a practice of speaking the truth, in a gentle way.  We don’t have to be preachy when speaking the truth.  Sometimes, speaking the truth in a gentle way will open a dialog where we can get to the root of the problem instead of dancing around it.

Our life, our happiness, depends on knowing and living the truth.  So lets examine our lives and get rid of any lies that are holding us back.


2 thoughts on “Lies

  1. Hi Donald,
    We are very good at holding ourselves back. The “lies” that you describe, I have labelled as “excuses”. Many are subtle, they are the dangerous ones, others are obvious & require a good look in the mirror. Thank you
    be good to yourself

    1. David,

      Lies, excuses, whatever we call them, hamper our lives. Rid our lives of them, and we are the path to a much better life.

      Thanks for your response.

      Take care,


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