In past blog posts, I have discussed mindful meditation and being there for others.  I will tie mindfulness and being there together in this post.  Mindful meditation is more than meditation; it is a state of being mindful of the moment.  Mindful mediation can help you achieve mindfulness by calming your mind, letting you concentrate on the present.  Mindfulness means being aware of the moment, without thought of the past or the future.  Practicing mindfulness puts us in the ideal state for us to excel because we don’t have the limitations of the past or the expectations of the future weighing on us.  If we are eating, just eat.  If we are reading, just read.  If we are washing dishes, just wash dishes.

In today’s world, we all try to multitask at every opportunity.  Multitasking has taken a lot of the joy out of our lives.  When was the last you just sat down and enjoyed drinking a cup of coffee without doing anything else?  When was the last time you was just with your child (spouse, parent or friend) and just enjoyed their company without the cell phone or computer?  When we feel that we aren’t truly there for others, this is our bodies’ way of saying we need to practice mindfulness.  When we have those feelings, we need to concentrate on being mindful of the situation and only it.  Then we are practicing mindfulness and truly being there.

If I were to ask you how you feel, I am not asking how you felt yesterday or how you believe you might feel tomorrow. I am asking you how you feel at this very moment. If you were to answer me by saying, “at the present moment I feel fine,” then you are fine because now is all that exists. Tomorrow will always be beyond your grasp and yesterday is forever gone. All you have is now. It is the only reality.


2 thoughts on “Mindfulness

  1. Hi, I like the sound of Mindful Meditation. You speak the truth here. I for one need to live for the moment. In one respect living for the moment implies that you are not seeking a future goal but when you look at it in a broader spectrum it is the only way to live. No past restrictions to hinder and all my thoughts of the moment (postitive) becoming things to cherish in the future. Sounds like my kind of life. I just need to put it into practice. Thanks for the blog.

    1. Fiona,

      Thanks for the comment. Mindfulness is the best way to live, as you aren’t burdened by the past or worried about the future. Be the best you can be for the moment, the situation and the people you encounter. Practice each day and it will become habit. Again, thanks and check out my tools and resources where I have a five minute mindful mediation script you can download.


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