Two Steps to Work Life Balance

With our busy life styles, it seems as if our work life balance is becoming a topic in more and more households.  Because of the pressures we put on ourselves, we are facing unfamiliar problems in balancing our work and our life.

Over the last few decades, we have struggled to hold on to traditional “family values”.  Both parents working away from home, parents having multiple jobs and home offices  interfere with family duties.  To overcome this, people are become more flexible with their family time.

Our work life balance is about managing the time we have and prioritizing schedules.  We have to make sure that we make time for what is truly important to us.  Creating work life balance is setting boundaries and understanding how each task or project fits into our vision and our goals for our life.  Without having a vision and goals to achieve that vision, we won’t be able to prioritize properly.

Two steps you can take to help achieve balance is prioritizing and delegating.

Prioritizing requires us to make conscious decisions about what is truly important to us.  No one really has time to do everything they “need” to do, so we have to prioritize our activities.  Do you want to spend time with family or watch tv?  Do you want to work on your project (that has a deadline) or clean house?  Our priorities should line up with our vision.

The second step is to delegate tasks to others.  Don’t like sweeping, delegate it to your children.  Don’t like proof reading your reports at work, delegate it.  You still have to manage the task to ensure that it is completed, but you are not saddled with performing the task.  Delegating tasks can free up time for higher priorities to be done.

These two steps can help us achieve a better work life balance in our life.  If you will notice, both steps require planning, making choices and action.  Unplanned time is easily misspent.  Making choices is never easy.  Acting is sometimes harder than not doing something.  But by taking these steps, you will be able to sleep better at night knowing that you got most of your tasks and your priorities were achieved.

So, start looking at your life today and see if you need to work on your work life balance.  It is that hard to achieve and is something that most of us needs.  Undertaking this will give you more quality time with your family and less personal stress in your life.

If you would like a partner in this journey, check out my coaching packages.

Good luck.

Let me know what you think and how you progressing in the comments section.


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