Living Your One Life to the Fullest

I am a firm believer that people should try to make the most out of each day that they are alive. We will all die, as it is a natural part of life.  The Bible states we are not guaranteed our next breath.  Today or tomorrow could be our last day.  So we need to be living each day to the fullest.

Over the past few years I have experienced great personal loss that has driven this point home.  I have lost both parents and the opportunity to make things right with them.  This is why it I feel that it is extremely important that we live our one life to the fullest.

I believe that we should look at our priorities and ensure that we prioritize the right things.  In the end, our bank account or title won’t matter.  What will matter is the impact we had on others.  Did we help them, or ignore them?  Do we make time for family, or are we busy doing other things, like work or activities that really don’t matter?

I think the greatest question I could ask a client is “If you are on your death and can’t communicate with your family, what are your thoughts?  Are you thinking, there is things I need to say or are you confident that you have left your family with the knowledge that you love them?”  I want to be in the situation where I know that my family understands that I loved them and gave them the tools they need to succeed.  We should not compromise this for possessions that we can’t take with us.

I used to constantly worry about what might happen to me in three or six month’s time. Will this or that happen? If it does how would I be able to cope? I was worrying about things that have not even happened and may never happen. I realized how silly it is to worry about things that may or may not happen.  I would also worry about possessions that in the end, I can’t take with me.  I should have been living for today, I should have been making the most of today.  I now don’t worry about what is out of my control.  I will think about tomorrow, tomorrow. I will deal with any problems that come my way in the best way that I can at the time when they happen, that is all I can do. By stressing about them before they happen will only stop me from enjoying myself on that particular day.

Now is the time to stop the stress, worry, fear and depression. Enjoy today, since we may not have tomorrow.  I am not condoning being reckless or careless, just prioritizing for what really matters.  We only have one life, so let’s enjoy it.