What Are You Tolerating?

Tolerate.  This is a word that when describing our life is not a word we want to hear.  Dictionary.com has as a definition of tolerate as “to endure without repugnance; put up with”.  Doesn’t sound fun, does it?  So what are you tolerating in your life that you would like to change?

Tolerating things zaps your energy, creates stress and can generally run you down.  Normally, unless you are vigilant, things we tolerate sneak up on us.  As the things we tolerate sneak up on us, we become numb to them.  By this, I mean we live with them, we let them become a normal part of our life.  Phrases I hear from clients that are tolerating things include:

  • It’s not really that bad.
  • I can put up with this.
  • This is just a normal part of my life.

You can never be your best when you are just tolerating things in your life.  How can you recognize and change the things you tolerate?  First, create a list of everything you are tolerating in your life.  This list should include all areas of your life; business, professional, personal, etc.  Anything that you tolerate goes on the list.  Now you have list, start thinking about things that YOU can do to change them.

  • Have a messy car; clean it up.
  • Have a messy desk; file the papers and clean it.
  • Not eating properly; purchase better foods to eat.
  • Project not finished; create an action plan to finish it.

Now that you have the list, you are aware of the things you tolerate.  It is up to you to change your life so that you are not tolerating these things anymore.  Life is too short to go through it tolerating things we can control.

If you would like help in this area, contact me.  I can help you create the list, and create action plans to rid your life of the things you tolerate.  Check out my coaching packages to see which is right for you.


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