Busy vs. Productive

Are you busy or are you productive?  For this post, we will define busy as “spending time doing tasks” and productive as “spending time doing tasks that helps us achieve our goals”.  So with this definition, are you busy or are you productive?  We all want to be productive in our life.  I will outline steps you can take to be productive in your life.  The first is to define the goal that needs completed.  The second step is to do the most important task first.  The next step is to stay focused.  Finally, delegate menial tasks.

First, you have to define the goal or project that needs completed.  In business this is usually defined for you.  In your personal life, you may to define it yourself.  But either way, you have to know what needs completed before you can productive.  All the other steps depend on this first step.

Start with the most important task that will help you complete your goal.  By getting this out of the way first, it will not be delayed.  You will also have a create sense of pride of completing this task and this will positively affect your ability to complete your goal.

Stay focused on the goal at hand.  Don’t get distracted by email, phone calls, other work that isn’t pertinent to the goal or task at hand.  Focus on the goal that you are working on.  Multitasking actually decreases productivity because you are not focused on the goal you are trying to achieve.  Another tip to stay focused is get enough sleep.  It is hard to focus when you are sleepy.

Finally, delegate tasks that someone else can do as good as you.  If you have a task that someone else can do and you don’t like doing, delegate it.  Things you shouldn’t delegate is the most important task, tasks that only you can do or something that you enjoy doing.  Other tasks can be delegated to others.

Following these steps will help you stay productive instead of busy.  Here is a favorite quote of mine about being busy.

We may be very busy, we may be very efficient, but we will also be truly effective only when we begin with the end in mind.

by Stephen Covey


4 thoughts on “Busy vs. Productive

  1. thanks very much for this great post! i had a lot of interesting thoughts while reading this which i might just put into action right away. thanks.

    1. Andrea,

      Feel free to use anything you see. I do make some grammatical errors in my posts, but the point gets across. 🙂

      Thanks for the comment!


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