Perspectives has as one of the definitions for perspective: a mental view or prospect.  Each of has our own unique perspective on events, our life, interactions with others and our relationships.  Some of our challenges in life comes when we have a different perspective than someone else and we are not resolve the differences in the two perspectives.  This can lead to lost opportunities, misunderstandings and lost relationships.  There is a way to overcome the challenge of perspectives.  The first step is to recognize that everyone has a unique perspective.  The second step is to view the situation from the others perspective.  Finally, understand the others perspective.

First, we have to recognize that our perspective is not the only perspective of a situation.  Anytime you have two more people in a situation, you will have multiple perspectives.  Each perspective is that persons view of the situation.  Is theirs wrong and yours right?  Yes and no.  Each perspective is right for that individual.  Their perspective is their reality.  Your perspective is your reality.  Neither is wrong; but your perspective cannot be pushed on someone else.  Our perspective is the sum of our life’s experiences.  As I stated earlier, it is unique; it is neither right or wrong.

Now that we have realized that the other person has a different perspective, we can try to see the situation from their perspective.  How are they feeling?  Are they mad, upset, happy, neutral?  Can you determine a reason for their perspective?  For example, if you know that they are not good with money and the situation is about managing money then their perspective could be one of being uncomfortable with the situation.  Try to view the situation as them, not yourself.

Finally, understand their perspective.  This understanding is not an acknowledgement that it is right.  It is an acknowledgement that it is their right to have that perspective.  Understanding their perspective allows both parties to communicate at a higher level.  You can’t communicate when you don’t understand both sides of the conversation.  If you try to communicate without understanding both sides, you are giving a monologue.

Next time you have a challenging situation, try to look at from the others perspective.  You will be amazed at what you find out when you open your mind to see others reality.  By understanding that everyone has a unique perspective, you open yourself up to more honest and effective communication.