Lessons for Life – Pets

Having pets, especially dogs, can teach us a lot about life.  The first lesson we can learn is that consistent behavior from us creates consistent behavior from others.  Another lesson that having dogs can teach us is that we get positive results from positive actions and negative results from negative actions.  Finally, having pets, especially dogs, teach us about unconditional love.

First, dogs teach us that consistent behavior creates consistent results.  When training a dog, you have to consistently take the puppy outside to teach it use the bathroom outside.  If you aren’t consistent, you will have accidents in the house.  By being consistent, the puppy learns the behavior (to go potty outside) quickly.  Our interactions with people needs to be consistent.  Imagine a friend or co-worker not knowing how you will react to news about something.  Do you think they feel safe enough to discuss things with you?  You can change that by being consistent in your actions and reactions to others.

Second, positive results come from positive actions and negative results come from negative actions.  Praise a puppy, and he will want to do the action again to get the praise.  Scold a puppy and he will cower.  If you scold him too much, you could break his will and create a sad little puppy.  When a puppy gets used to being praised for going potty outside, he will try to go potty outside to get the praise.  Scold a dog for having an accident and he will become more prone to accidents because he is afraid.  People are the same.  When we approach others from a positive perspective, normally positive things happen.  If we approach them from a negative perspective, negative things will happen.  We should always approach people with a positive attitude so that we help bring out the best in them.

Finally, dogs teach us about unconditional love.  Using the example above of a dog that has been broken, that dog will still show the owner love by licking them and wanting to be petted.  Normally, no matter what you do to a dog, when it sees the owner, it is happy.  Most dogs don’t hold grudges, or pout.  They are eager to love and be loved.  Imagine how our life and relationships could be if we showed everyone unconditional love.  Imagine being hurt by someone and still wanting the best for them instead of harboring ill will towards them.  Our world would be a much better place if we took the time to learn from the dogs in our lives.

You can make the changes in your life to be consistent, be positive to create positive results and show others unconditional love. We all have the capacity to change. If you would like to discuss making these changes permanent, contact me to schedule your coaching sessions. You can view my coaching packages here.


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