Lessons for Life – Golf

I picked up golf in my mid thirties and have learned that golf has lessons you can use in your life. As I golfer that hasn’t broken 100, it definitely isn’t something that I have mastered, but enjoy none the less. Just being able to be out there playing is a wonderful feeling.

The first thing that golf teaches is that it is the person, not the equipment that gets the blame or the credit for a shot. The equipment doesn’t make the decision on how to hit the shot or actually make the shot. It does no good to get mad at the club, throw the club or break the club when I chose the club and made the shot. The result is totally on me. Life is like that in that the results of life is directly related to our actions. We make a dumb decision, then we normally have a bad outcome.

The next thing that golf teaches is to enjoy whatever situation we are in. As you have probably heard said before, a bad day playing golf beats a good day doing most anything else. If you are not an accomplished golfer, as I am, I have learned to enjoy every shot, even the bad ones. I have been so far in the woods, I didn’t know how I would get out. But I was still enjoy playing golf. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could enjoy our lives like that? No matter the situation in our life, we still have the opportunity to enjoy it. Our positive attitude could be the reason the situation gets better. Conversely, our negative attitude could cause the situation to get worse.

Golf also teaches us respect. If you have ever played with others, or watched golf on TV, you realize what respect means. When you play golf, you are quiet when someone is making a shot. On the putting green, you don’t walk on the line of the other players putt. No other sport requires this. Yes golf requires respectful play, it is in the rules. Imagine being respectful in everything you do. Wouldn’t life be better if everyone respected the thoughts and rights of others?

Finally, golf teaches us honesty and integrity. Like respect, golf has honesty and integrity in the rules. If you break a rule, you call a penalty and take the strokes on yourself. There is referees calling the fouls, the players call them on themselves and take the consequences. There are officials on the course the player can get rulings from or ask questions if they need to.

So, try to apply the lessons that golf can teach us in your life. If you need an coach (an official on the golf course) to ask questions about an issue in your life, contact me or check out my coaching packages.


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