Lessons for Life – Gardening

As a child, I always had a garden. Dad would let me have a section of his garden for me to plant mine. I learned a lot of life lessons from that garden. As I have gotten older and slowed down to think to what I learned, I realized that life is a lot like gardening.

A garden doesn’t just start with planting seeds. You have to prepare the soil for the seeds. You have to plow, till and make rows in the soil before you plant. Life is like that. You have to prepare for your life’s experiences. Without preparation, like the garden, we will not grow what we plant. We may have a few shoots of growth here and there, but we won’t have a bountiful harvest without proper preparation.

So, we have prepared the soil and planted the seeds. Are you done with your garden? No, now comes the tending part of gardening. You have to water the plants, fertilize the plants and weed the garden. Again, life is like that. After you start a journey, you have stay on course with the actions you take. For example, look at your career. If you want to excel at your career, you have to apply what you have learned. You have to strive to increase your skills to stay ahead. If you don’t work at your career, you will become stagnate. The work for a career or life, like a garden, starts after you do the preparation and plant the seeds.

Your garden is planted and you have tended you garden. Now you are ready for the harvest and to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Are you enjoying the fruits of your labor in your life? Or are you content to scatter the seeds and wonder why there is minimum growth and fruits?

If you need help preparing the soil of your life, check my coaching packages. I can team with you to tend your life so that you will have a bountiful harvest.


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